What if you could have it all?

– A Soul Fulfilling Job You Absolutely Love
– Passionate Relationships
– Financial Freedom …
– Unlimited Joy & Abundance

The truth is – you can have it all. I am living proof.

Being a “self-development junkie” I was on a mission to figure out how I could have it all, without burning out and actually ENJOY it.

I was able to create a life I a truly Obsessed with. A life I would not trade with anyone on the planet!

I manifested my soulmate as a Divorced Mom. We have been together for over 8 years, married for 5 years, welcomed another child & bought our dream home. And he still gives me butterflies. We have the happiest relationship of anyone I know!

One of my manifestations included being published by Huff Post & Elephant Journal. Huff Post actually reached out to me to ask me to contribute!

I manifested our dream home in Los Angeles – while we were in escrow on another home! Our dream home was almost double the size and was less than the original home! And our avacado and fruit trees are amazing.

I dreamt of creating a family life which was vastly different than my experience growing up. I wanted my kids to be grossed out by how affectionate their parents were. As a kid, I would shut myself in my closet when my parents argued and would visualize my family life when I grew up … celebrate holidays together, music & laughter ringing through our home. And now, this is my reality.

I left the dream job at Toyota HQ, after 16 years to start a business and lifestyle coaching business to help others create a life they are Obsessed with.

I am able to make money, doing what I love – while being able to pick up my kids from school. I am able to give back by collaborating with non-profit organizations to provide tools for our at risk youth to create confidence and a powerful vision.

And, most importantly – I am able to show my girls that you can have it all.

I have created this life for myself & helped other women do the same in my 1 on 1 transformational business & lifestyle coaching.

But – I knew I wanted to do more. I wanted to be able to impact more women in an affordable way. I had so many women who wanted to work with, but was not able to afford my signature pricing.

So, I went on a mission to create a course to help women break through their blocks, step into their power & take powerful action to create a life they are Obsessed with.

Now, I am sharing my signature 4 step manifesting process with you.

Get free access now to my masterclass on my 4 Step Process to Manifest a Life I am Obsessed with.

The masterclass has already received raving reviews!

This was a great Masterclass! You did a great job & everything looked great! I am excited to take advantage of your payment plan and early bird pricing. My Biggest Takeaway from the Masterclass… I like how the modules are broken down. It is so smart to work on your blocks first! I am still processing all of the high value content I received in this Masterclass. THANK YOU!”
Shanna Ramirez
Get the masterclass here. You can use my process immediately to create transformation in your life.
You deserve it have it all. We all do!

Sending You Love, Lights & Oodles of Positive, High Vibes!

– Indrani Phillips