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Quality Will Always Trump Quantity

I had a rude awakening recently. It brought to life my new mantra. Quality will always trump Quantity.

Quality Over Quality

No it didn’t come from a seminar (which would be a great guess, as I am a personal development junkie). It didn’t come from an eye opening article. It didn’t even come from a client.

It came from my 9 year old daughter.

She said “Nope. We won’t have fun. Mommy needs  to work.”

My ego took over. I told her although I would love to take off and be able to hang out, I had a business (which I am giddy over) to run.

A few days later, as I was about to go to bed, it hit me. My kid wants to spend time with me. In a few years the roles will be reversed and I’ll be dragging her to hang out with me.

I have a business where I am always “plugged in”. I started my own business so I could spent more time with my family. A business where I could take off and spend a couple weeks with my kids before they go back to work.

I realized just because I was “physically” there, it didn’t mean anything. If I’m not present and in the moment with them, they may as well have a babysitter.

In the past, I would have overwhelmed with feelings of guilt, regret and feeling like a crappy Mom.

Not anymore.

Ever since I have been able to step into and release negative emotions, like has gotten so much sweeter (& productive).

So, I am going “dark” and unplugging from social media for a week. I turned off all of my notifications on my phone.

We get so caught up in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope. I felt like if I was not checking it, I would miss out. So I would constantly be on my phone. I would “have” to see each notification. Check out all of the likes I would get. Somehow that proved my worth.

I realize that is silly. I realize I don’t need validation from any social media post, from anyone or anything. I am worth it. Period.

So, it’s time for a change. I am shaking things up and unplugging from social media. I am going to use that time to be present. I’m using the time to grow and realize how I want to contribute the world. I’m using the time to make some freakin’ rad memories with my kids.

I will post once a day to share my reflections but that’s it. Making that choice was so powerful (& will definitely be a challenge). But, I believe, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

Sometimes we work so hard to build a future for my family. It’s a great theory, but not at the expense of sacrificing unwritten memories.

It was a wake up call, loud and clear. And I’m doing something about it.

I’d love for you to join me.

Let’s do it together.

Sending you love, light & oodles of positive vibes.

– Xx






My Game Changer: Meditation

How to Meditate in 10 Minutes

For most of my life I have been the A type personality. I have always been the multi-tasker, doing a million things at once. When I was first introduced to meditation, I was instantly repelled.

Meditation was so far outside my comfort zone. Who the heck had time to meditate? I was already so busy with life.

My mind was always racing. Thoughts would fly in and out 24/7. It would take me such a long time to fall asleep every night because my thoughts would compete with each other. And you know what? I enjoyed it – most of the time.

Two years ago I was re-introduced to meditation. I was at a low point in my life. I was fulfilled in many aspects of my life – but something was off. I knew I had to take action. I went to a therapist that practiced alternative methods over medications. One of her methods was meditation.

By this point in my life I have heard so many benefits about mindfulness, I decided to give it another shot. I changed my typical approach from going all in to a more staggered approach.

It took time to find the right guided meditation, music and environment, but it was worth it. Two year later, I love meditating. It is something I look forward to. It clears all the thoughts in my head and when I am finished I feel focused, calm and ready to take on the world.

Take it from me. If I can meditate, so can you! The hardest thing about mediation is waiting for it to get good.

It’s like licking a Tootsie Pop. You don’t know how many licks to takes to get to the gooey, delicious center. I will tell you, meditation (and that Tootsie Pop) is worth the wait.

Here are my favorite benefits that I have gotten out of meditation & other mindful practices:

– I am truly happy

– My anxiety is virtually elminated

– My mindset shifted to a whole new level of positivity

– I see the abundance around me

– I am present and able to enjoy the moment

– Things fall into place effortlessly

Please note: Meditation did not create all of these amazing benefits on it’s own. I have instilled other practices as well that have played a part in my life transformation. I’ll share my other methods with you in future communications.

For now, I would love to share with my favorite resource when I got started with meditation.

 Oprah & Deepak Chopra free 21 day meditation experience – This mediation was a great way to understand the benefits and have a guided meditation for the first part of the audio. The second part is where you can start to quiet the mind and focus on your breath or a mantra.

I would love to hear from you about your journey with meditation!

If you want to accelerate your path to create a life you fully love, contact me for a complimentary consultation.

Meditation Pop of Color Style

Sending you tons of Love & oodles of Light!

– Xx