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The ONE Ritual That Will Change Your Life!

Change Your Life It is the one ritual that will change your life! Best part? It is simple to do! Talk about Effortless!

My mantra is “It takes Effort to be Effortless & it is WORTH it!!”

I am a Momma of 2 girls, 10 & 3. I run a transformational coaching business. Needless to say, I am busy – just like you. So Effortless systems are mandatory in our lives.

So let’s get to it.

The One Ritual is ….. Setting a Daily Intention. It will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

This is SO powerful in so many ways! Here are my favorites.

Intention Creates Focus

For most of us, we are rushing to get out of the door to get to all the “stuff” we need to do. We are not focused in on how we want to feel throughout the day. When we spend a few minutes daily focusing in on how we want to feel – that is really powerful.

Intention Guides Us

We can leverage the intention to have it guide us throughout our day. When facing a decision we can ask ourselves “Which option will best serve my intention for the day?”
What an amazing way to leverage our “inner GPS”?

Creates Presence

As our lives seems to get more busy, we need to make the time to live in the present moment. When we begin our day with an intention, we start off taking a few deep breaths to get present and increase our vibrations. It’s like rebooting our brain.

If you are a visual person like me, you can check out the live streaming Periscope I did just for this topic!

Okay, now that I have “sold” you on some of the benefits of Setting an Intention,

Here are 3 Effortless Ways to Set An Intention:

1. State of Mind

This is essential! If you are setting an intention out of fear, worry, stress or any other negative vibration the intention is not as powerful. So, let’s maximize the power of the intention!

Take a few cleansing breaths. Focus on 3 different things you have Gratitude for. Engage your emotions into the activity. When you elicit your emotions, your energetic vibrations will increase.

Now, take a few moments to focus on your breath. This creates presence in the here and now.
Next, ask yourself “How do I want to feel today?” Do you want to feel empowered, loved, happy, generous, etc? Take a moment and sink into that feeling.

Finally ask yourself “Are there any meetings or events that are happening today?” “How do I want to show up in those meetings/events?” Do you want to be a leader? Do you want to give value? Do you want to connect with like minded people?

Take a few final cleansing breaths. You can use my mantra. As I breathe in, I state “I am inhaling Love, Light & Oodles of Positive Vibes” and when I exhale I say to myself “I am releasing any emotions/thoughts which do not serve my intention.”

2. Release the Control

This is crucial. So many times our minds want to jump to “how” our intention will manifest. By doing that we are limiting ourselves to a few outcomes. And who the heck wants to be limiting? By releasing the control we can allow for the intention to manifest.

3. Unwavering Belief

Trust the universe has your back. Sometimes things happen for us in unexpected ways. The outcome can hit us by surprise, so trust Life is Happening FOR YOU. Always. Because life is filled with speed bumps, detours & construction zones. And in those “hiccups” is where we are able to grow, learn & stretch into our Best Self!

The last thing is to incorporate this into your daily practice to really see the change in your life. Remember, it take effort to be effortless!

Ready to create a life your are Obsessed with? The life you are meant to live? I’ve got your back!

We will get clear on where you are, where you want to be AND I will give your some recommendations how to get there.

Set up a complimentary discovery call with me now.

Sending you Love, Light & Oodles of Positive Vibes!

– Indrani

How I am Coping with My Husband’s Heart Surgery

Being a Mommy & wife is freaking amazing and at times, equally as tough. We found out recently my husband needs a heart surgery asap. He is in the process of donating his own blood for the surgery. The surgery is scheduled for 3 weeks out, when his blood levels are back to normal. He is at risk for an aneurysm, so he has to watch his blood pressure and heart rate prior to surgery. As a result, he cannot workout, or lift anything over 20 lbs, which includes our toddler (who is in midst of potty training) and frequent trips to the “timeout” chair. Good times for Mommy! Here is my experience on how I am coping with my husband’s heart surgery.

How to Deal with a Loved One's Surgery

My husband, Michael is 37 years young. He was born with a defective aortic valve (Which is ironic since he has the biggest heart of anyone I know). He had an open heart surgery at the age of 1. As a result, he goes to a cardiologist to get checked yearly. The surgeon said that he would need another surgery to replace his valve around the age of 16. He has been able to make it this far without needing a surgery. About 10 years ago, he went to UCLA to get checked and they recommended surgery asap. He went to get a second opinion and we are so glad he did. He found the best cardiologist in Los Angeles, Dr. Judelson. She told him he was fine and continued to monitor him. I’ve gone to his appointments for the past 5 years. This time, I knew there was something amiss.

When she looked at us and told us “It was time”, my heart sank.

I knew his valve needed to be replaced eventually, but all rational thoughts went out the window as she continued to speak. Frankly, it was all a blur. Instantaneously, I buried my emotions deep within and brought out my superhero cape. I knew that it was time to be strong for him. Michael is the strongest man I know. He is my rock and always there for me. It felt great to finally be able to give back and be a support system for him.

Being strong for him & our 2  girls while suppressing my feelings was really, really tough.

I felt like I was Superwoman, with a bag of kryptonite on my shoulder.

I’ve always been the “Silver Lining Gal”. I am known to find the positivity in everything. As a matter of fact, that was my secret weapon to get through my childhood with most of my sanity in tact.

As a kid, I was taught to be tough. Being emotional and crying was a sign of weakness. I was told people would not listen or take me seriously when I was emotional. In my adolescence and through my twenties, I would not let anyone too close to me. I would be the one that would end a relationship first, so I would not get hurt. I would never let myself cry – and when inevitably, I would shed a tear or two, I would beat myself up and “toughen up” to be that strong, powerful women that I thought I should be.

Then life happened. After a breakdown, I realized vulnerability is where you unlock your highest power. When you are able to fully express your feelings, you can  release them on your own terms. If you bury them deep within (like I had so many times in the past), those unprocessed emotions will come out in other ways. From road rage, to passive aggressive behavior, to overreacting at seemingly insignificant things, they will ALWAYS find a way out. The thing is, the longer we hold on to negative and painful emotions, they become toxic. It makes us weaker.

With my husband’s surgery, my immediate reaction was to bury all of those feelings and thoughts of the worst case scenario. I focused on positive thoughts and visualization. The problem was that I was not able to get into the right vibrations – which is one of the secret ingredients to manifesting.

The other night, I let myself fall apart. I embraced all of my deepest fears.

I let my mind go to the dark place it needed to go. I was the most vulnerable I have ever been. Once I was able to get deep with my fears and emotions, I was able to go through the fear and see the other side.

It was amazing to process and release the fears, anger and anxiety. Afterwards I felt so much lighter and stronger than before. I filled out my Gratitude Log and felt free. I can now access the highest vibrations and visualize our life 3 months from now, which is one of the secrets to creating the life of your dreams.

Be the change you want to see in the world

Don’t get me wrong, I still have thoughts that will pop up in my head. Instead of ignoring them, I process them and am able to move through it quickly.

And yes, every once in a while I get freaking annoyed when I’m cooking and Michael cannot help Bryanna go to the potty. Or when I am in the middle of something and he can cannot get her in and out of the crib. BUT as soon as the emotion comes up, I have learned to remove it and replace with positive emotions. It’s awesome.

Michael’s surgery is coming up soon. We are practicing meditation, visualization, being present and living in the moment. Being vulnerable with each other has brought us even closer. It reinforces the fact that life is precious. We have come up with positive things that are coming out of this experience. I know, it may sound crazy, but it’s true!

When we understand Life happens for us and not to us, that is when we can start to see the magic all around us.


Sending you love, life & positive vibes!



3 Ways to Improve Your Confidence


Everyone that knows me would tell you that I am oozing of self confidence. While that may be the case now, a few years ago, it was a completely different story. I’m excited to share with you 3 ways to improve your confidence that will Rock Your World. And bonus! It’s easier than you think! Trust me.

Did you know that most women from gorgeous supermodels to CEO’s have dealt with issues surrounding confidence?

Before I get into it, I’ll share with you my struggle with confidence. Growing up, I always felt like I did not fit in. I was different. From my cultural background, to strict parents, I always felt out of place, which negatively impacted my self confidence.

Years later I realized my confidence has nothing to do with other’s opinions of me. It’s my opinion that counts!

Here’s my 3 ways to boost your self confidence that you can implement today.


A lot of the time when we procrastinate about something is usually because either we are scared we will fail or we spin it into a massive project. As a result, we don’t do anything. If the goal feels huge, break it down to bite size pieces and then DO IT.

For instance, one of my client’s goals was to write a book. She has been thinking about doing it for 2 years. She purchased writing instruments and apps and was all ready to go. But when she sat down, the thought of writing a 300 page book was overwhelming. So, she did what most of us do – nothing.

After our conversation, she was able to chunk down her goal into smaller milestones. She committed to writing a page a day. Imagine, if she started that 2 years ago when she had the idea of writing a book, she would have over 2 books written already! Crazy right?

The point is once you take any action, your confidence builds while your fear subsides. It’s a beautiful thing. Taking regular action on your goals is key to build your confidence in a natural, healthy way.

2. Fake it until you BECOME it.

Over the past 15 months I have fully immersed myself in studying the mind, positivity, visualization and manifestation. After thousand of hours of research, seminars, 4 coaching certifications and over $15,000 later, I am a firm believer on the power of the subconscious. Once you can visualize it, your subconscious will make it happen.

Listening to audios and daily affirmations are fantastic methods to create a more confident you. Contact me and I can build you custom audio tailored to your life, goals and dreams. It will increase your self confidence and help you manifest a fulfilled life you love. It’s a powerful thing when your subconscious and conscious are aligned.

I’m living proof.

3. Focus on the positive.

This is mandatory. You see, whatever we focus on EXPANDS. It’s a proven fact. So if you are focusing on negative things, like how you are not confident and how that is holding you back, you need to realize that is hurting you. You will only get more reason why you are not confident, which will lead to inaction, because that that is what you are focusing on. It’s that darn subconscious again!

The good news is, you can get in tune with your mind and begin to catch the negative thoughts about your lack of confidence that run through your pretty mind. These negative thoughts do not serve you. It actually does the opposite. It leads to inaction, which can cause apathy and disengagement.

So replace the lack of confidence thoughts with positive ones. Focus on things that make you feel confident. It works!

Practice the above 3 tips regularly to increase your confidence and I guarantee you will see results! Remember, you need confidence to take chances, learn something new and get what you want out of life.

The last thing I will leave you with…

Basing your confidence on other’s judgement or thoughts of you is basically saying,  “I hold other people’s opinion of me higher than my own opinion of myself.”

Re-read the above line again ’cause it’s really important.

That is ridiculous! No one should have that kind of “jedi” mind control on another person!

I challenge you to take back the power. You, and only you impact your self confidence! Now go on an boost your confidence and share these tips with your loved ones.

Are you ready to build an Effortless Life? A life where you are fully engaged, present and have time for passion and self care? Contact me now for a discovery consultation to create the life you have always wanted.

3 Tips to Increase Confidence

Sending you tons of Love & oodles of Light!

– Xx