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The Power of Negative Emotions

For the longest time I didn’t “allow” myself to process negative emotions.

I didn’t want to be “The Emotional Gal” because I was told I wouldn’t be taken seriously – especially in Corporate America.

So, whenever I had negative emotions like fear, guilt or sadness I would tell myself “They were bad” and would push them deep inside. I thought I had it all figured out.

If I was able to be “happy” all the time, then everything would be fine. Kind of like the Seinfeld episode “Serenity NOW”.

It worked for a while. Then it all crashed down upon me…

I had a breakdown. I was exhausted, overwhelmed, full of anxiety and completely lost.

Even though it looked like I had it all … from Manifesting my Soulmate as a Divorced Mom to our amazing home in Los Angeles, our 2 beautiful girls, the “dream” job in Corporate America & a successful interior design business.

During my breakdown, I finally rolled up my sleeves and did the inner work that I desperately needed but never wanted to face.

Through a year of non-stop therapy, coaching, seminars, book & resources I was able to go through the dark and embrace the lights.

 I realized Negative thoughts ARE GOOD FOR US! 

They are there intentionally to alert us that something is off. It is a trigger for us to reflect and see what is going on with us and our environment. It’s a fabulous awareness tool. Here is a video I cut just for this important topic.

The thing is, most of us choose not to process and release them, we are only hurting ourselves & the people we love. We end up depressed, anxious and stressed. We take prescribe meds which can lead to other issues or we self medicate though food, shopping, gambling, passive aggressive actions, gossiping ….

Instead of harming ourselves and the people around us, let’s take BACK the control. Let’s process those pesky negative emotions. Then we can release them. And we can get back into our High Vibes.

Because my dear, we are all energy. And we are human magnets.

When we are radiating high vibes of love, gratitude, abundance – we attract more of that in our life.

Conversely, when we are living in the negative emotions for too long, we continue to attract more things to continue staying in the lower energetic vibrations.

And we can see it all around us. I am sure you have the Eeyore’s or Oscar the Grouch’s in the world. Remember the down in the dumps donkey from Winnie the Poo & the Green haired guy living in the trash can on Sesame Street? They had one thing is common. They were always radiating lower energy levels. 

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High Vibes

This is such an important piece of living a life you are Obsessed with. We all have days which drive us crazy. Crap happens. And that is okay.

Instead of pushing it down and trying to rationalize it, start to process it. Understand it. Learn from it. That is SO POWERFUL in our self awareness and reflection.

Because life is a journey, not a destination. The world is our classroom. It is up to us to find the lesson, search for the silver lining in all. That is how we grow. How we learn and how we teach others.

Sending you Love, Light & Oodles of Positive Vibes!

– Indrani

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Impact of Negative Emotions On Our Health


We all know negative emotions are not good for us. That is apparent. But did you know the link between negative emotions and our health? Research is coming out daily on the impact of harboring negative emotions like stress, anxiety, resentment, guilt and fear. It is so freakin’ inspiring to know we can take back the power of our health.

Let’s face it. Negative emotions happen to us all the time.

Check out my video on Negative Emotions here.

80% of our thoughts are negative.

Isn’t that insane? But, there are there for a purpose. It is an indicator, a warning light to let us know something is amiss. And most of the time we are completely unaware of our internal notifications.

Instead we choose to push it deep down inside of us. We try to believe it is not a big deal. And we may try to slop some positivity on top of it. But that does not work. Because the negative emotion is still within us. It needs to be released. And if we don’t intentionally release it, it will take matters into it’s own hands.

It can come out in passive aggressive comments. (That was my “go to”). Or it can be road rage. Or domestic violence. It is really scary when you think about all the cases of the guy who went postal and no one say it coming. And then as facts come up, they had emotional issues under the surface.

It can manifest in binge eating, or shopping (another vice of mine), drinking or drugs as an escape route.

The latest research has shown over 40% of cancer patients has “forgiveness issues”. The anger and hatred creates chronic anxiety. And it produces bad stuff which hinders the production of the good cells to fight cancer. See more here.

So, it is in our best interest to process the emotions we have. And know there is a difference between forgiving and condoning the action. The forgiveness is a release of emotions. It is something we can do for ourselves. Now.

Now is the time to take our power back. Release the emotions and embrace forgiveness. It is a simple way to create peace in our life.

You can do the work on your own, or you can find someone that can help you.

I’ll be doing a free challenge – The 7 Day Journey to an Effortless Life and this will be one of the topics we will cover. It will be freakin’ awesome!

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Sending you Love, Light & Oodles of High Vibes!

– Indrani

My Path to Having it All: Stage 3 – The Divinity Phase


My Path to Having it All - The Divinity PhaseLiterally, there is no words magical enough to describe this phase. It is just so amazing. The closest thing I could describe it is when you watch a kids movie – and the scene where they are in a fairy world, where miracles are a daily thing. It’s kinda like that.

In My Path to Having it All – The Divinity Phase is worth EVERY blood, sweat, tear, emotion and anything else that occurred. I know look back on my path and sheds tears of gratitude for the experience that happened in my life. The violence, abuse, failed marriage, soul sucking jobs. I am so grateful that I went through all of the negative emotions life the comparison-itis, the judgements, the self doubt, the outsider, the lack of confidence, the hatred for myself.

Yes, I know I probably sound insane. Years ago, if I read this which I would have read every blog on this site incessantly I would have thought, “Okay, now is where I will tune out. What freak would like to have all of those feelings? I’m out. Well, as soon as I finish this post.”

I needed to go through all of those things so I could rise.

I was so self conscious of my speech impediment -> now I am a public speaker

I tried to kill myself and was on antidepressants -> now I HAVE IT ALL

I left a “perfectly fine” marriage and was a Divorced Mom -> now I have my soulmate and 2 beautiful girls

I left a great, stable job in Corporate America -> now I help others Have it All

Feeling like an outsider my ENTIRE life -> now I have a tribe which support and love me for who I AM

Doubting myself and decisions -> now I am aligned with my highest self and trust in my decisions

Faking my confidence and feeling like a fraud -> now I step into myself and own my confidence

My breakdowns -> now are My Breakthroughs

My Vulnerabilities -> now are My Power

ALL of those crappy things were lessons I needed to learn. To BUILD my compassion. To empathize with others. To be able to share my story with others. I needed to go through all of those things so I could be here now. With you.

If you are inspired, then it’s time to take action. I’d love to help. Set up a complimentary discovery session with me now!

The Divinity Phase is where we aspire to be, whether we realize it or not. In this phase, you see things that are so much bigger than ourselves. Where judgement is replaced with compassion. Where presence is King. Where vulnerabilities transform to power. Where breakdowns transform to breakthroughs. It is freakin awesome sauce. It is where miracles happen on a daily basis. Where life happens for you. Where we trust ourselves and have this inner love, confidence and validation for who we are.

It is unwavering faith we have that life is working for us. It is the phase where we get hit with thunderbolts all the time. Where inspiration hits repeatedly, like raindrops on windows. And we use that inspiration to take action. Where things magically align and fall into place.

I am in the phase now and it is miraculous. Now, I will say that it take work to stay at this frequency. It is daily work. But now, it is effortless to do. Because I am aware of my thoughts, feelings and emotions, I have harnessed my super powers. I have the power to choose and create the life I want. And I have the belief that it is manifesting and will be better than I imagined!

Bottom line is, life happens. All the time. You can’t control life. BUT, you can control how you react. And when are in conscious about our thoughts and choose the ones that serve our highest good, amazing things happen. I AM LIVING PROOF!

If I can do it, you can too. I believe we are deserve to Have it All. The path is simple, but not easy. It is like building a new muscle. It takes a new routine, training, discipline, rest and patience. And it is worth it. I guarantee it.

Sending you Love, Light & Oodles of Positive Vibes!

– Indrani

To check out My Path to Having it All Stage 1 – Grounding Phase, click here.


Quality Will Always Trump Quantity

I had a rude awakening recently. It brought to life my new mantra. Quality will always trump Quantity.

Quality Over Quality

No it didn’t come from a seminar (which would be a great guess, as I am a personal development junkie). It didn’t come from an eye opening article. It didn’t even come from a client.

It came from my 9 year old daughter.

She said “Nope. We won’t have fun. Mommy needs  to work.”

My ego took over. I told her although I would love to take off and be able to hang out, I had a business (which I am giddy over) to run.

A few days later, as I was about to go to bed, it hit me. My kid wants to spend time with me. In a few years the roles will be reversed and I’ll be dragging her to hang out with me.

I have a business where I am always “plugged in”. I started my own business so I could spent more time with my family. A business where I could take off and spend a couple weeks with my kids before they go back to work.

I realized just because I was “physically” there, it didn’t mean anything. If I’m not present and in the moment with them, they may as well have a babysitter.

In the past, I would have overwhelmed with feelings of guilt, regret and feeling like a crappy Mom.

Not anymore.

Ever since I have been able to step into and release negative emotions, like has gotten so much sweeter (& productive).

So, I am going “dark” and unplugging from social media for a week. I turned off all of my notifications on my phone.

We get so caught up in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope. I felt like if I was not checking it, I would miss out. So I would constantly be on my phone. I would “have” to see each notification. Check out all of the likes I would get. Somehow that proved my worth.

I realize that is silly. I realize I don’t need validation from any social media post, from anyone or anything. I am worth it. Period.

So, it’s time for a change. I am shaking things up and unplugging from social media. I am going to use that time to be present. I’m using the time to grow and realize how I want to contribute the world. I’m using the time to make some freakin’ rad memories with my kids.

I will post once a day to share my reflections but that’s it. Making that choice was so powerful (& will definitely be a challenge). But, I believe, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

Sometimes we work so hard to build a future for my family. It’s a great theory, but not at the expense of sacrificing unwritten memories.

It was a wake up call, loud and clear. And I’m doing something about it.

I’d love for you to join me.

Let’s do it together.

Sending you love, light & oodles of positive vibes.

– Xx






How I am Coping with My Husband’s Heart Surgery

Being a Mommy & wife is freaking amazing and at times, equally as tough. We found out recently my husband needs a heart surgery asap. He is in the process of donating his own blood for the surgery. The surgery is scheduled for 3 weeks out, when his blood levels are back to normal. He is at risk for an aneurysm, so he has to watch his blood pressure and heart rate prior to surgery. As a result, he cannot workout, or lift anything over 20 lbs, which includes our toddler (who is in midst of potty training) and frequent trips to the “timeout” chair. Good times for Mommy! Here is my experience on how I am coping with my husband’s heart surgery.

How to Deal with a Loved One's Surgery

My husband, Michael is 37 years young. He was born with a defective aortic valve (Which is ironic since he has the biggest heart of anyone I know). He had an open heart surgery at the age of 1. As a result, he goes to a cardiologist to get checked yearly. The surgeon said that he would need another surgery to replace his valve around the age of 16. He has been able to make it this far without needing a surgery. About 10 years ago, he went to UCLA to get checked and they recommended surgery asap. He went to get a second opinion and we are so glad he did. He found the best cardiologist in Los Angeles, Dr. Judelson. She told him he was fine and continued to monitor him. I’ve gone to his appointments for the past 5 years. This time, I knew there was something amiss.

When she looked at us and told us “It was time”, my heart sank.

I knew his valve needed to be replaced eventually, but all rational thoughts went out the window as she continued to speak. Frankly, it was all a blur. Instantaneously, I buried my emotions deep within and brought out my superhero cape. I knew that it was time to be strong for him. Michael is the strongest man I know. He is my rock and always there for me. It felt great to finally be able to give back and be a support system for him.

Being strong for him & our 2  girls while suppressing my feelings was really, really tough.

I felt like I was Superwoman, with a bag of kryptonite on my shoulder.

I’ve always been the “Silver Lining Gal”. I am known to find the positivity in everything. As a matter of fact, that was my secret weapon to get through my childhood with most of my sanity in tact.

As a kid, I was taught to be tough. Being emotional and crying was a sign of weakness. I was told people would not listen or take me seriously when I was emotional. In my adolescence and through my twenties, I would not let anyone too close to me. I would be the one that would end a relationship first, so I would not get hurt. I would never let myself cry – and when inevitably, I would shed a tear or two, I would beat myself up and “toughen up” to be that strong, powerful women that I thought I should be.

Then life happened. After a breakdown, I realized vulnerability is where you unlock your highest power. When you are able to fully express your feelings, you can  release them on your own terms. If you bury them deep within (like I had so many times in the past), those unprocessed emotions will come out in other ways. From road rage, to passive aggressive behavior, to overreacting at seemingly insignificant things, they will ALWAYS find a way out. The thing is, the longer we hold on to negative and painful emotions, they become toxic. It makes us weaker.

With my husband’s surgery, my immediate reaction was to bury all of those feelings and thoughts of the worst case scenario. I focused on positive thoughts and visualization. The problem was that I was not able to get into the right vibrations – which is one of the secret ingredients to manifesting.

The other night, I let myself fall apart. I embraced all of my deepest fears.

I let my mind go to the dark place it needed to go. I was the most vulnerable I have ever been. Once I was able to get deep with my fears and emotions, I was able to go through the fear and see the other side.

It was amazing to process and release the fears, anger and anxiety. Afterwards I felt so much lighter and stronger than before. I filled out my Gratitude Log and felt free. I can now access the highest vibrations and visualize our life 3 months from now, which is one of the secrets to creating the life of your dreams.

Be the change you want to see in the world

Don’t get me wrong, I still have thoughts that will pop up in my head. Instead of ignoring them, I process them and am able to move through it quickly.

And yes, every once in a while I get freaking annoyed when I’m cooking and Michael cannot help Bryanna go to the potty. Or when I am in the middle of something and he can cannot get her in and out of the crib. BUT as soon as the emotion comes up, I have learned to remove it and replace with positive emotions. It’s awesome.

Michael’s surgery is coming up soon. We are practicing meditation, visualization, being present and living in the moment. Being vulnerable with each other has brought us even closer. It reinforces the fact that life is precious. We have come up with positive things that are coming out of this experience. I know, it may sound crazy, but it’s true!

When we understand Life happens for us and not to us, that is when we can start to see the magic all around us.


Sending you love, life & positive vibes!



Be You. Everyone Else is Taken.

Bruce Jenner

I watched the Bruce Jenner documentary last night. I was in tears. I could completely empathize with his feelings. Feeling like you had to be someone else and not be you is gut wrenching. Bruce Jenner threw himself into sports to avoid the conflict he had inside. He excelled and broke world records. Even though he was known as “The Best Athlete in the World”, he was still unfulfilled inside. When he spoke about the famous picture during the Olympics after receiving his medals, he said it was bitter sweet. He knew that he now the Olympics were over, he would have to deal with his internal battle. Although I did not deal with gender identity, his story hit close to home. I was trying to fit in by blending in. Bruce Jenner reinforced the reality to

Be You. Everyone Else is Taken.

Just imagine for a moment. Imagine you are 65 years old, have a huge family, with kids and grandkids. Although you loved them dearly, you hid a huge secret. You hid who you were at the core. You couldn’t share with them who you really were because you did not want to hurt them. In my life, I felt this way because I grew up in Pennsylvania in a predominantly Caucasian demographic. I was so different. From my name, to my dark complexion – I felt like an outsider. When my first grade teacher attempted to promounce my name, I quickly corrected it to “Annie”, my childhood nickname. And I used my nickname all through college. When I was in my late 20’s, I had an incident that rocked my world. I walked by a mirror and caught a glimpse of myself. I stopped and look a closer look. I didn’t recognize my reflection. It shook me to my core. For the next 8 years, I was on a path – a mission to find myself and just be me. I ended my marriage. I manifested my soulmate as divorced Mom. I left Corporate America after 16 years to fulfill my purpose in life. I have realized all of my experience in my life has given me the knowledge and expertise to help others. I help others manifest a fulfilled life with time for passion, self-care and presence through strategy and mindset.

When I watched Bruce Jenner’s journey, I looked back on my path. I was filled with emotion. When I made the decision to be my authentic self, I made huge changes that impacted the people closest in my life.

I am proud to say that my daughter is so much happier as a result of my life choices.

I can show them they can have it all. I am living my life on purpose and they see that everyday. They know they can do anything and be anything. Always remember to Be You. Everyone Else is Taken.

Sending you tons of Love & oodles of Light!