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Is Periscope Worth the Hype?

PeriscopeI am OB-SESSED with Periscope. But, it didn’t start that way. In fact, I downloaded the app and watched a couple broadcasts. I did not see the value, so I proceeded to delete the app. I am so glad I gave it another chance. Periscope is the read deal. Here is why.

Periscope is different than any other social media platform. It is a live streaming video app where someone can broadcast virtually anywhere from their phone. The viewers can write comments in the live feed and also hook up the broadcaster with up to 500 hearts to the broadcaster. It is GENIUS.

I love how Throttle.net describes Periscope (& they agree, Periscope is Worth the Hype!):

“The idea behind Periscope is to see the world through someone else’s eyes, and it does exactly that. The app can do big things during historic events, and is great tool for journalists shooting live interviews, and works just as well for webinars and short informational broadcasts.”

Okay, so now we got that out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff.

Periscope is freakin’ awesome sauce. Here are a few reasons why:

1.  Exponentially Build Your Brand.

Periscope is awesome for visibility. With the right strategy, you can quickly build your followers & attract your tribe – which will turn into your raving fans & happily paying clients. And it can happen really quickly when you do it correctly.

2.  Connect with Your Tribe.

This one is HUGE. Periscope is a platform where you can share who you are, what you believe or how your products can be used. Because it is a live feed, there is no editing of the video. As a result, your viewers get to know you. I have been able to connect with my tribe in a real & authentic way. They love my vibe, my language because they can connect with me.

3.  Re-purpose content.

You can save the videos and upload it to Youtube, your website or social media forums. You can even record a periscope & repurpose it as a podcast! In this day and age, where time is a precious commodity, this is the icing on top!

Periscope is great for prospective clients to get to know you, your services and what you believe.

Here are my are results that have happened from the last 2 months of being on Periscope.

  1. Over 750,000 hearts given to me from the viewers & 1500 followers
  2. Raving fans which share my content with their followers
  3. Increased client consultation calls by 200%
  4. 3 Requests for Interviews – rad for marketing and getting my name out there!
  5. Raving fans that have written testimonials on how my scopes have benefitted them
  6. PeriGirl of the Day (out of 6,000 women)
  7. Workshop collaborations

When I created my strategy for Periscope, it was a game changer. I have gotten so many requests for help with Periscope that I created a Strategy course to help businesses get “Scope Ready”. Because you can never make a first impression twice. Get Scope Ready Here!

Periscope is here to stay. It is THE BEST way to stand out and connect with people in a real, powerful way. I believe every brand should be capitalizing Periscope to build their brand and deepen connections.

Are you Ready to Rock Periscope Like a Pro? I got your back. Set up a free session with me here.

Sending you Love, Light & Oodles of Positive Vibes

– Indrani

3 Life Lessons My Kids Taught Me

As parents, we instinctively know we should nurture, teach and develop our kids. What I didn’t know was how much I would learn from them. Here are the 3 Life Lessons My Kids Taught Me.


Check out this replay I did on Periscope on this topic!

Perspective is Everything

1. JOY: When I take my 2 girls, Devani is 9 and Bryanna is 3, to the park, I love to watch them play. They have so much fun. The squeals of laughter and immense joy warms my heart. Earlier this week when I was at the park with them, I ask myself a question. “Where does the joy go?” As adults we are programmed and wired to take life seriously. We have more responsibility, but why does that have to limit our joy? The answer is, “It doesn’t!!”

But learning from our children, we can start finding joy in everyday life. From taking a work break to call someone that you know will have you squealing with laughter. Or indulging in a perfect cup of coffee or a piece of really good chocolate. Or immersing yourself in all the amazing things in your life you have gratitude for. Let’s start installing joy into our everyday practices so we can pause and see the beauty in life.

2. CURIOSITY: When my girls would try to figure something out, I would immediately go to assist them and show them the right way to do it. Now, I just sit back and watch them with awe. The way they look at it and come up with their own way using a kitchen utensil is amazing. I love seeing their brain work and use curiosity to figure things out.

We lose curiosity as we get older. It could be from a teacher telling us that we are not smart, or from our parents shutting off imagination. It could be from not asking the question in class because we don’t want to look stupid. Let’s change that. Let’s start answering the question when our kids ask us “why”. Let’s look at our life, techniques and routines to see how we can make things better. Maybe more efficient. Or streamlined. That is where we unleash our curiosity and tap into our genius. How do you think our innovators like Edison, Disney, Einstein & Jobs changed history? They got curious and looked for another way, another solution to make things better.

3. RESILIENCE: Watching my 3 year old mastering the monkey bars is freakin’ hilarious. She is so close to reaching the bar and her tenacity is remarkable. My older daughter is the same way. Our kids have so much resilience. They want to learn things, no matter how many times they fall on their cute booty. If they want to master something, they will get up and try again and again.

As we grow older, we can start losing our resilience. We can become paralyzed because we do not want to fail. We do not want to look stupid. We want to ensure the first time we will succeed. And when we do attempt to try it once, if we do fail, we let that lesson impact our future decisions. That failure is tattooed on our soul and it can stunt our future endeavors. Let’s learn from our kids. Let’s use their resilence to stay on our path to living the life of our dreams. A life we would not trade with anyone on the planet. When we fall, let’s learn from it and transform the “failure” into a “lesson”. We can then use that “lesson” to take try again until we succeed. It’s a magical thing.

Being a parent has been so rewarding in so many ways I could have imagined. I had learned so much from my girls. They have given me so many gifts. Patience, Gratitude, Joy, Curiosity, Resilience, Unconditional Love and so much more.

When I am stumped, stresed, frustrated or depleted, I look to my kids. I submerge myself into their reality. And it is priceless. They fill up my tank. They give me faith. They give me love. And then I can go back to my reality with a new perspective on life.

Sending you Love, Light and Oodles of Positive Vibes!