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About Last Night’s Screw Up


So, last night I had an ultimate screw up. I was in the kitchen cooking with the kids, after taking them to the grocery store & playing referee between my 10 & 3 year old. I heard the door open & glanced at the time. It was too soon. I knew something was amiss.

My man does not usually get home prior to 6. As he walked into the kitchen, he looked at me and said “Kidney stone”. I rolled my eyes and said “Really?”

Bad move. I finished making dinner & my man offered to do the dishes and clean up. I resisted a little & then I let him. As I went into my room for a few minutes, I was gazing at one of my gorgeous crystals. And it hit me. “I fucked up.”

I went upstairs and immediately apologized to Michael. He then said he noticed my eye rolling earlier. I felt like an ass. I then apologized again & told him how I felt. I was ready for someone to take care of me for a minute. Between my husband’s heart surgery 6 months ago, my daughter waking up in the middle of the night, my man being sick, taking time off my business to spend with the family, I was exhausted. So the last thing I wanted to hear was “kidney stones”.

That’s when I caught myself. I was making it all about “ME”. How his pain was hurting ME. I was playing the victim.

So, I made it about HIM. For the rest of the night, I took care of the girls, got them ready for bed and was as my husband exclaimed, “The Best Housewife Ever”. < – – – That title made me cringe, but I know what he meant.

Here’s the 3 simple, yet powerful tips you can use when you inevitably screw up.

I have to admit, this awareness & mindset is a HUGE step for me from the person I was just a few years ago. I am a Scorpio & we are known to hold grudges & stubbornness is our game. I would stay mad for days (I also picked up this habit as a kid, watching my parents). I would always find a reason & justify my point, even when, deep down inside, I knew I was wrong.

That life was exhausting. I would forget why I was mad, BUT still continue to be mad … How insane is that?

The silver lining?? Now I realize all bumps along the way was part of my journey.

It is my story to tell. I did the work & now I get to enjoy my remarkable life. I have a whole new level of happiness that Prosaic cannot touch. Believe me. I tried it. 

It enables me to help my clients in a powerful way to claim their happiness. Their Effortless Life.

Here’s to your Effortless Life!

– Sending You Love, Light & Oodles of Positive Vibes!


Are you ready to design a life you are Obsessed with?

I’ve got your back. Set up a clarity call with me. We can get clear on where you are, where you want to be & I’ll give you some recommendations how to get there. 

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3 Must Haves to Kill It in 2016

As 2015 is winding down, it’s time to reflect on the year and get ready for 2016. The natural thing to so is to set “Resolutions”. While that is great, Statistics Brain research revealed only 8% of people that actually make resolutions are successful in achieving them! Crazy right? BUT – don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Here are 3 Must Haves to Kill it in 2016.

Silver Lining

1. Find the Silver Lining in Everything:


Really. This sounds so cliche, but totally true. When we search for something positive in a glum situation, we are setting ourselves for success . According to research at Kentucky University, “People who are optimistic are more committed to their goals, are more successful in achieving their goals, are more satisfied with their lives, and have better mental and physical health when compared to more pessimistic people.” The proof is in the pudding! So when “Life Happens” – embrace it. Believe Life Happens for you. Learn from it. Know it is part of your growth.

2. Set Soul Based Goals:


Do your goals inspire you? If it does not inspire you, you most probably will not achieve it. Your goal should light you up! It’s all about focusing on how we feel, rather than what we want. We are not chasing things, we are chasing our feelings. Ensure your goals include how you want to feel. Our emotions are everything. So, leverage it!

3. Invest in Yourself:


This is my personal mantra. As a transformational coach, I am always investing in my growth. This is essential to our development & ultimate happiness. As I continue to develop, sharpen & harness my skills, I can have more impact on my clients, family & friends. And as my skills grow, more people want to work with me. It is a win/win. Whether it is investing in a coach, courses, or books, make the conscious choice to always invest in your growth.

“Our Intention Creates Our Reality” – Wayne Dyer

You are now hooked up. You have the 3 tools you need to kill it in 2016. When you are intentional in creating a life you are obsessed with, you are setting yourself up for happiness. And happiness leads to success!

Now it’s time for you to shine. In the comments below, share with us:

1. What is a recent negative experience you have recently encountered? What can you learn from it?

2. What is 1 Soul Based Goal you have in 2016?

3. How will you invest in yourself this year?

If you are ready to get clear on where you are, where you want to be, I’ve got your back. Set up a clarity call now.

Sending you Love, Light & Oodles of Positive Vibes!

– Indrani

My Path to Having it All: Stage 3 – The Divinity Phase


My Path to Having it All - The Divinity PhaseLiterally, there is no words magical enough to describe this phase. It is just so amazing. The closest thing I could describe it is when you watch a kids movie – and the scene where they are in a fairy world, where miracles are a daily thing. It’s kinda like that.

In My Path to Having it All – The Divinity Phase is worth EVERY blood, sweat, tear, emotion and anything else that occurred. I know look back on my path and sheds tears of gratitude for the experience that happened in my life. The violence, abuse, failed marriage, soul sucking jobs. I am so grateful that I went through all of the negative emotions life the comparison-itis, the judgements, the self doubt, the outsider, the lack of confidence, the hatred for myself.

Yes, I know I probably sound insane. Years ago, if I read this which I would have read every blog on this site incessantly I would have thought, “Okay, now is where I will tune out. What freak would like to have all of those feelings? I’m out. Well, as soon as I finish this post.”

I needed to go through all of those things so I could rise.

I was so self conscious of my speech impediment -> now I am a public speaker

I tried to kill myself and was on antidepressants -> now I HAVE IT ALL

I left a “perfectly fine” marriage and was a Divorced Mom -> now I have my soulmate and 2 beautiful girls

I left a great, stable job in Corporate America -> now I help others Have it All

Feeling like an outsider my ENTIRE life -> now I have a tribe which support and love me for who I AM

Doubting myself and decisions -> now I am aligned with my highest self and trust in my decisions

Faking my confidence and feeling like a fraud -> now I step into myself and own my confidence

My breakdowns -> now are My Breakthroughs

My Vulnerabilities -> now are My Power

ALL of those crappy things were lessons I needed to learn. To BUILD my compassion. To empathize with others. To be able to share my story with others. I needed to go through all of those things so I could be here now. With you.

If you are inspired, then it’s time to take action. I’d love to help. Set up a complimentary discovery session with me now!

The Divinity Phase is where we aspire to be, whether we realize it or not. In this phase, you see things that are so much bigger than ourselves. Where judgement is replaced with compassion. Where presence is King. Where vulnerabilities transform to power. Where breakdowns transform to breakthroughs. It is freakin awesome sauce. It is where miracles happen on a daily basis. Where life happens for you. Where we trust ourselves and have this inner love, confidence and validation for who we are.

It is unwavering faith we have that life is working for us. It is the phase where we get hit with thunderbolts all the time. Where inspiration hits repeatedly, like raindrops on windows. And we use that inspiration to take action. Where things magically align and fall into place.

I am in the phase now and it is miraculous. Now, I will say that it take work to stay at this frequency. It is daily work. But now, it is effortless to do. Because I am aware of my thoughts, feelings and emotions, I have harnessed my super powers. I have the power to choose and create the life I want. And I have the belief that it is manifesting and will be better than I imagined!

Bottom line is, life happens. All the time. You can’t control life. BUT, you can control how you react. And when are in conscious about our thoughts and choose the ones that serve our highest good, amazing things happen. I AM LIVING PROOF!

If I can do it, you can too. I believe we are deserve to Have it All. The path is simple, but not easy. It is like building a new muscle. It takes a new routine, training, discipline, rest and patience. And it is worth it. I guarantee it.

Sending you Love, Light & Oodles of Positive Vibes!

– Indrani

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My Path to Having It All: Stage 2 – The Opening Phase

Path to Having it All - Opening PhaseThis saying is so freaking rad.Our power is our ability to choose our feelings, which control everything! It reconfirmed my belief to keep going down the path to Having it All.The Opening Phase in the Path to Having it All was amazing. I started to realize that I – not anyone else was getting in my own way. I had no idea what that meant, but I was curious and excited to explore more. I was open.

At the opening phase, it is all about being aware you have filters from you past experiences. When I entered this stage, I would say all the time, “It is like seeing the world in HD!” It was the same magnitude of when I opened my eyes after Lasik eye surgery. I saw the world in a state of wonder and delight.

I dived into self discovery because I knew I had to find answers. I was sick and tired of just accepting life as status quo. I was over pushing down those soul questions that would pop into my head in the middle of the night which didn’t allow me to sleep. I was so tired of being tired. I was tired of feeling guilty for feeling lack in my life because I had so many things to be grateful for. A great husband I manifested as a Divorced Mom, 2 beautiful girls, our dream home and a secure job.

After being in the Getting Grounded phase, I knew there was more work for me to do to truly Have it All. For more on my Getting Grounded phase click here.

So instead of wallowing in my crap, I started my path. It was the first time I experienced excitement in weeks. In between my therapist appointments, I started to read books like mad. When I got tired of reading, I would take a break and listen to audio books. And then inspiration hit.

I was on Facebook and saw there was a local event going on with female entrepreneurs. I felt a nudge in me, telling me I should go. Being an introvert yes I am an introvert when I am at events where I don’t know anyone I was surprised that I accepted the invitation. Especially in the state of anguish I was in.

I would have done a “no show” if I didn’t have to pay money. So I got ready and went. When I got there, I was so nervous. I did not know what to expect and I didn’t even know the women hosting the event.

But I went with it. I sat next to someone that was amazing. She understood me. She got my struggle. And then, without even looking, I hired my first coach. It was a scary & exciting feeling to invest in myself and believe in a new possibility!

The biggest impact was on my mindset. I discovered my limiting beliefs and how that created an invisible glass ceiling that I never knew existed. It was crazy! I started to skim the surface on how the brain works and how life experiences, my environment impacted everything.

I became so fascinated with the mind, I went to 5 day working seminars to discover more. I was obsessed. It was like crack for the soul. I started to understand how it all worked. It was freakin’ awesome sauce. I began putting pieces together in my life and started to understand WHY I was in the situation I was. WHAT was really in my way. Then I started to learn HOW to get out of it. One of those steps entailed getting off of antidepressants!

If you are ready to open yourself up a world of new possibilities and get on the path of Having it All, set up a complimentary discovery session with me. We will get clear on where you are & where you want to be.

The opening phase on the path to Having it All was bitter sweet. I got the concepts, but I was not sure how to apply it. I would see small shifts and have moments of genius and I would crave for more enlightenment. So I would study more and more.

Then, one day my lighting bolt it, of course, at the perfect time.

Sending you Love, Life and Oodles of Positive Vibes!

– Indrani

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My Path to Having it All: Stage 1 – The Grounding Phase

My Path to Having it All - GroundingNot until we are lost … do we begin to find ourselves. This is a powerful statement. I interpret it as this. We go through life, creating intentional goals and as a result, we have a pretty good life. As we reach one goal, we create another. And then Boom. Something happens. An accident, a health condition, a life event, a breakdown, a huge miracle … something that changes everything. It rocks our world. We start to see things differently. We ask more questions. It’s like unlocking a new level on a video game one of which was Super Mario Bros – loved Luigi. It shifts our reality and see things in a new way.

Back in 2013, life was a constant struggle. I was 35 and I had so much going on. Life was good. . I married my soulmate which I manifested as a Divorced Mom. I had 2 amazing girls. We bought our dream home, while we were in escrow on another home. I had a great job in corporate America and a growing interior design business. Everything was great.Until I had a breakdown. Here’s My Path to Having it All – The Grounding Phase.

As things started getting more hectic, I started to do research on attaining balance. I was bombarded by all of this  meditation and mindset mumbo jumbo. It went through one ear and out the other. I though, Sorry, I WISHED I had the time to meditate and think about nothing. I was a busy Mom, working in Corporate America AND managing an interior design business. The thought of sitting there and thinking about nothing felt as fun as watching paint dry.

So, I just continued to run my life in overdrive in all areas. I would give my all at work. Come home and take care of the kids. Then work on my interior design business when they would go to bed. Fall asleep with my laptop around 2-3am and the wake up a few hours later and do it all again. I kept on taking on more projects, accepting new opportunities and life was good. Until I had a complete breakdown.

Transformation, Spiritual Awakening happens 1 of 2 ways.

1. Lighting Bolt.

It’s kind of like Love at First Sight. People have stated after an accident, sickness or near death experience, they received inspiration that created a new perspective, a different way of seeing things.

2. Flashes.

This way is more common. It happens as moments of clarity. When it happens for me, I get butterflies in my tummy and slight goosebumps. It is divine. As we continue on our path to divinity, the flashes of inspiration comes more often, like waves in the ocean. It is a magical thing.

I had a combination of both. I have had flashes since a child, but recently, I have had Lightning bolts which have taken me to higher levels.

If you are ready to begin your path to Having it All, set up a complimentary discovery session with me. Together, we get clear on where you are now and where you want to be. Then, I’ll hook you up with a couple recommendations how to get there. It is sooo worth it, speaking from experience!

So, back to my path. I had a breakdown (for the 3rd time at the age of 35). It happened quite suddenly. I was recovering from a very stressful family weekend. I found myself 2 days later alone in the house for a few days. My kids were with my parents and hubs was on a work trip.

I went to work and a few hours later a migraine hit me like a ton a bricks which should have been my first sign. I could barely drive home. I was so exhausted, I literally stayed in bed for 3 days straight. The weird thing was, after all of that sleep and downtime, I felt even more exhausted. I was positive this was some type of flu or virus.

Reflecting back on my life, I only got migraines a few times in my life. They would always happen when I was physically, mentally and emotionally depleted.

When I was not getting any better, I went to a Dr. She understood my concern and we started doing a ton of tests from endoscopies, to seeing specialists, oh yeah and allergy testing and let’s not forget the overnight sleep study. I would wait for the results, convinced that there was something physically wrong with me. As each one came back as “Negative” which was a “good” thing, there was a part of me that hoped something would be “wrong” so I could fix it and get back to my life. 

When they ruled everything out, my Dr. looked at me. She suggested I see one more specialist. A therapist. She then proceeded to blow my mind. She told me her diagnosis. When she mentioned the word “Depression” I think I lost consciousness. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. As she started telling me how she got to the outcome, I felt tears streaming down my cheeks. Which was odd as well, since I never would cry. She asked me if I would be open to taking a low dose of antidepressants. I said “No way, but I would look into therapy.”

I drove home in shock. I was baffled. I mean, how could I be depressed? I had so much to be grateful for. I manifested my soulmate as a divorced Mom and our 2 beautiful daughters were amazing. We bought our dream home in Los Angeles & I had a great job. I thought, how the hell did I have a right to be depressed?

As I started to research what depressed really is, I knew my Dr. diagnosed me correctly. My emotions hit me like tidal waves. I felt humiliated. I felt guilt wash all over me. How did I have a right to be depressed? I had such an amazing life. So, like usual, I buried the guilt and started to do research.

I found a therapist and in our first session, I realized this path was going to be difficult. I needed to go through my past and open up memories that I locked away. I had to go through experiences, memories and emotions which created the belief system I had. In that moment I knew I needed help to finally deal with all the crap of my past. I begrudgingly filled my prescription for antidepressants. I rolled up my sleeves and started to do the work, which ultimately unlocked the next level of my path. The Opening Phase.

Sending  you Light, Light & Oodles of Positive Vibes!

– Indrani

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3 Ways to Improve Your Confidence


Everyone that knows me would tell you that I am oozing of self confidence. While that may be the case now, a few years ago, it was a completely different story. I’m excited to share with you 3 ways to improve your confidence that will Rock Your World. And bonus! It’s easier than you think! Trust me.

Did you know that most women from gorgeous supermodels to CEO’s have dealt with issues surrounding confidence?

Before I get into it, I’ll share with you my struggle with confidence. Growing up, I always felt like I did not fit in. I was different. From my cultural background, to strict parents, I always felt out of place, which negatively impacted my self confidence.

Years later I realized my confidence has nothing to do with other’s opinions of me. It’s my opinion that counts!

Here’s my 3 ways to boost your self confidence that you can implement today.


A lot of the time when we procrastinate about something is usually because either we are scared we will fail or we spin it into a massive project. As a result, we don’t do anything. If the goal feels huge, break it down to bite size pieces and then DO IT.

For instance, one of my client’s goals was to write a book. She has been thinking about doing it for 2 years. She purchased writing instruments and apps and was all ready to go. But when she sat down, the thought of writing a 300 page book was overwhelming. So, she did what most of us do – nothing.

After our conversation, she was able to chunk down her goal into smaller milestones. She committed to writing a page a day. Imagine, if she started that 2 years ago when she had the idea of writing a book, she would have over 2 books written already! Crazy right?

The point is once you take any action, your confidence builds while your fear subsides. It’s a beautiful thing. Taking regular action on your goals is key to build your confidence in a natural, healthy way.

2. Fake it until you BECOME it.

Over the past 15 months I have fully immersed myself in studying the mind, positivity, visualization and manifestation. After thousand of hours of research, seminars, 4 coaching certifications and over $15,000 later, I am a firm believer on the power of the subconscious. Once you can visualize it, your subconscious will make it happen.

Listening to audios and daily affirmations are fantastic methods to create a more confident you. Contact me and I can build you custom audio tailored to your life, goals and dreams. It will increase your self confidence and help you manifest a fulfilled life you love. It’s a powerful thing when your subconscious and conscious are aligned.

I’m living proof.

3. Focus on the positive.

This is mandatory. You see, whatever we focus on EXPANDS. It’s a proven fact. So if you are focusing on negative things, like how you are not confident and how that is holding you back, you need to realize that is hurting you. You will only get more reason why you are not confident, which will lead to inaction, because that that is what you are focusing on. It’s that darn subconscious again!

The good news is, you can get in tune with your mind and begin to catch the negative thoughts about your lack of confidence that run through your pretty mind. These negative thoughts do not serve you. It actually does the opposite. It leads to inaction, which can cause apathy and disengagement.

So replace the lack of confidence thoughts with positive ones. Focus on things that make you feel confident. It works!

Practice the above 3 tips regularly to increase your confidence and I guarantee you will see results! Remember, you need confidence to take chances, learn something new and get what you want out of life.

The last thing I will leave you with…

Basing your confidence on other’s judgement or thoughts of you is basically saying,  “I hold other people’s opinion of me higher than my own opinion of myself.”

Re-read the above line again ’cause it’s really important.

That is ridiculous! No one should have that kind of “jedi” mind control on another person!

I challenge you to take back the power. You, and only you impact your self confidence! Now go on an boost your confidence and share these tips with your loved ones.

Are you ready to build an Effortless Life? A life where you are fully engaged, present and have time for passion and self care? Contact me now for a discovery consultation to create the life you have always wanted.

3 Tips to Increase Confidence

Sending you tons of Love & oodles of Light!

– Xx