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How to Make a Decision – 5 Effortless Strategies

Making a decision can be a pain in rear. Especially a big one.

When my client asked me for insight on how to make a decision, I decided to turn it into a blog post. Because my effortless tips are AWESOME SAUCE.

Let’s get to it.

How to Make a Decision

1. Act Like You are Advising a Friend or Loved One.

If they came to with the same dilemma, what advice would you give them? What would you recommend? This question is super powerful because it access your creativity and genius zone. It uses your own intuition – which is where the answer lies.

2. Are You Making Your Decision From Fear?

Our mind loves routine AND it loves to protect us. So the “safe” route is what the mid will prefer. Ensure the decision isn’t made JUST because it is the safer choice. Why? Because that is a decision made from a place of fear. And that can easily lead into regret later.

Don’t be the #shouldawouldacoulda person!

3. Is There Another Solution?

Look at the cons of all the options. Then see if there is a way to reduce the cons. Is there a new solution which can be a hybrid of the different options? Instead of just a “Yes” or “No” option, is there another solution which can work?

Ex: Should I invest a coach? 

Initial Options: 1. Yes, do it!      2. No! I can’t afford it.

Alternatives: 3. Maybe – let me looking into coaches & see if there is one that really inspires me. If and when I find that person, I can then re-evaluate my decision.

4. Project Yourself into the Future.

One year from now, when you are looking back on your decision, how does it feel? Try on all the options in your mind. Which feels better? Which one fuels your purpose/soul? Which fuels your goals? Which choice makes you proud & give your butterflies?

5. What Would Your BEST Self Do?

Do you have a mentor or role model? Take a few minutes and jot down what qualities about them inspire you. If they had to make the same decision what option would they choose?  Does that option resonate with you? This will get you closer to the mindset of the “ideal” you. What would she/he do?


– Ensure you are not stressed/anxious when you are asking yourself these questions

– Get a pen & paper! Writing is a powerful tool. Set a timer & get to it!

– Know YOU have the right answer. And these questions will guide you to it. Check out this research by PsychCentral.

– If nothing comes to you immediately, take a break and come back to it later.

Making decisions can be tricky. But now you are armed with thought provoking questions to make the best decision for you!

Sending you Love, Light & Oodles of Positive Vibes

– Indrani

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Here are some of the reviews on the discovery session.

“Hey Indrani! Thank you so much for the awesome work that you do. You’re absolutely amazing! I had a great discovery session with you today. Thank you for your tips on helping me deal with my inner child, fear, and the affirmations to calm my inner child and fear. Great work 👏🏾!!!” Lonette Flowers 

3 Tips From My Transition from Corporate America to an Entrepreneur

I had the dream job in Corporate America. I LOVED it. I worked for Toyota HQ. I supported our Executives with develop & implementation of their Diversity & Inclusion Plans for their organization. I created, facilitated & led Mentoring Programs. I was able to impact our workforce in a massive way. The problem was, I felt constricted. It took a breakdown from overwhelm, lack of fulfillment & guilt to finally realize I was not meant for Corporate America.  Here are 3 Things I’ve learned from my transition from Corporate America to Entrepreneurship.

1. You are ALONE

Literally. I was in Corporate America for 16 years. Admittedly, sometimes I wish I did not have to deal with people … But I did love the collaborative & social element of the office life. When you are a sole entrepreneur, the physical interaction goes out the window. And it can get lonely & old real fast.

EFFORTLESS LIFE TIP: Go to networking events, meet ups and online to find like-minded entrepreneurs. Create a mastermind so you can connect, share, collaborate and up level each other. When it’s done correctly, it’s powerful.

2. You are The BOSS

There is no job description for the role. When you are starting off in the Entrepreneur space, you are it. Head of Product Development, Marketing, Public Relations, Sales … And this was a HARD pill to swallow. There were times I would wish for my job back in Corporate America. It was a hell of a lot easier. But, I pushed through. Because I knew if I did not give it my everything, I would have regret later in life.

EFFORTLESS LIFE TIP: Productivity is ESSENTIAL. As a sole entrepreneur creating a plan is vital. When I put these processes in place, it was a GAME CHANGER in my business. I increased sales while reducing stress, anxiety & worry. I’m all about win/wins.

3. It’s ALL in YOUR MIND

Mindset is key!! Seriously. When your mindset is right, the realm of possibilities open up for you. It’s the foundation to success. I worked on my mindset to overcome the roadblocks which had  stopped me from leaving the comforts of the stability. When I took control, evaluated & changed my mindset, it all changed. It was like seeing the world in HD. As a result, I have been able to weather the rocky parts of the Entrepreneurial adventure.

EFFORTLESS LIFE TIP: DO THE WORK! Really. So many entrepreneurs fail because they do not take the time to invest in themselves. And when you don’t invest in yourself, how will anyone invest in you? When you fix your mindset, you increase joy in all parts of your life. The best part? We have the power to change our reality. Ready to change yours? Let’s do it. Book your discovery session now!

the transition plan

Sending you Love, Light & Oodles of Positive Vibes!

– Indrani

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Is Periscope Worth the Hype?

PeriscopeI am OB-SESSED with Periscope. But, it didn’t start that way. In fact, I downloaded the app and watched a couple broadcasts. I did not see the value, so I proceeded to delete the app. I am so glad I gave it another chance. Periscope is the read deal. Here is why.

Periscope is different than any other social media platform. It is a live streaming video app where someone can broadcast virtually anywhere from their phone. The viewers can write comments in the live feed and also hook up the broadcaster with up to 500 hearts to the broadcaster. It is GENIUS.

I love how Throttle.net describes Periscope (& they agree, Periscope is Worth the Hype!):

“The idea behind Periscope is to see the world through someone else’s eyes, and it does exactly that. The app can do big things during historic events, and is great tool for journalists shooting live interviews, and works just as well for webinars and short informational broadcasts.”

Okay, so now we got that out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff.

Periscope is freakin’ awesome sauce. Here are a few reasons why:

1.  Exponentially Build Your Brand.

Periscope is awesome for visibility. With the right strategy, you can quickly build your followers & attract your tribe – which will turn into your raving fans & happily paying clients. And it can happen really quickly when you do it correctly.

2.  Connect with Your Tribe.

This one is HUGE. Periscope is a platform where you can share who you are, what you believe or how your products can be used. Because it is a live feed, there is no editing of the video. As a result, your viewers get to know you. I have been able to connect with my tribe in a real & authentic way. They love my vibe, my language because they can connect with me.

3.  Re-purpose content.

You can save the videos and upload it to Youtube, your website or social media forums. You can even record a periscope & repurpose it as a podcast! In this day and age, where time is a precious commodity, this is the icing on top!

Periscope is great for prospective clients to get to know you, your services and what you believe.

Here are my are results that have happened from the last 2 months of being on Periscope.

  1. Over 750,000 hearts given to me from the viewers & 1500 followers
  2. Raving fans which share my content with their followers
  3. Increased client consultation calls by 200%
  4. 3 Requests for Interviews – rad for marketing and getting my name out there!
  5. Raving fans that have written testimonials on how my scopes have benefitted them
  6. PeriGirl of the Day (out of 6,000 women)
  7. Workshop collaborations

When I created my strategy for Periscope, it was a game changer. I have gotten so many requests for help with Periscope that I created a Strategy course to help businesses get “Scope Ready”. Because you can never make a first impression twice. Get Scope Ready Here!

Periscope is here to stay. It is THE BEST way to stand out and connect with people in a real, powerful way. I believe every brand should be capitalizing Periscope to build their brand and deepen connections.

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Sending you Love, Light & Oodles of Positive Vibes

– Indrani