Squeezed for time? Try these 2 High Intensity Workouts

Hi guys! I am excited to have Karlie from Coco Motion Mumma! She is going to hook you up with some quick workouts when you are running low on time. 

Fitting in a daily workout can be a challenge when we all lead highly productive lives. For years we have been fed the message that we needed to be at the gym for hours to see any health benefit, let alone a change in our body composition.

Good News Alert!

According to a growing body of research there is no need to spend hours at the gym on cardio machines or participating in aerobics classes to get fit and healthy. Yes, you did read that correctly. High intensity interval training is the new Zumba and comes jam packed with many benefits:

– Time efficient: You will only need 10 – 20 minutes, 3 times per week

– Fat burning: Increases your bodies ability to burn fat during and up to 24 hrs post workout

– Convenient: Can be done in the comfort of your own home – minimal space required

– Equipment: No need for additional equipment

– Transforms body composition: Enables you to maintain muscle while losing fat

– Focus: Requires a small amount of focus due to the short intense bursts of activity

Where do you have a free 10 minutes today to invest in your fitness? Is it before everyone in the house gets up, while your toddler is having their midday nap, or, while you watching your favourite TV show?

Here are 2 high intensity workouts that can be done when you are squeezed for time and in the comfort of your own home. If you are unsure of any of the movements, check out the diagrams below.

Burpee Burner

Complete each exercise for 40 seconds and then jog on spot for next 10 seconds before revving up the intensity. Repeat 2 times.

1. Burpee

2. High Knees

3. Mountain Climber

4. Sit-ups

5. Push-ups (on knees)

6. Lunge kicks

Heart Rate Raiser

Complete each exercise at high intensity for 40 seconds; jog on spot for 10 seconds. Repeat 2 times.

1. Jump Squat

2. Alternate Heel Touchers

3. Skaters

4. Inchworm

5. Lunge Alternative Legs

6. Plank Jacks


High Intensity Workout

If you want some assistance with timing you work Vs rest periods you can go to the App store and there are many great timers. Just search for High Intensity Interval Training Timer. 

So are you ready to squeeze in a workout today? Put on some music and let’s get going.

If you would like some more workout ideas or are interested in some great recipes to compliment your health journey. You can find me at www.cocomotionmumma.com or on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook  – Coco Motion Mumma. Alternatively, join me on my YouTube channel as I workout!

Thank you Karlie for getting us into gear!

Sending you tons of love & oodles of light!

– Xx


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