How I Got Out of My Own Way

How to Get Out of Your Own Way

I was sitting in a 3 day seminar with butterflies in my stomach. Ever since stuttering as a child, I always had a fear of public speaking. Something made me raise my hand.  When I was called, I went up to the microphone to state why I was there. As I walked up, I had no freaking idea what I was going to say. When I took the mic, I blurted out “I want to get out of my own way”. I didn’t even know what that meant! I was shocked to get so much applause. As I was giving people hi-fives on the way back to my chair, I started my path to self discovery. Here is my journey on how I got out of my own way.

I have always had a plan for my life. I wanted to be in control and know what was coming. I planned out the milestones in my life to a tee.  At the time, I thought I will brilliant and discovered the secret sauce. I mean, I had it all! The husband, daughter, dream home and good job, all at the age of 28.

I had life figured out. Until I didn’t.

I realized all of huge decisions I made in life was out of fear. I didn’t take chances or risks because I did not want to get hurt. I didn’t want people to know that I never felt like I fit in. So, I played it safe. I wanted to know the outcome, so I tried my damnedest to control life. The funny thing is, by trying to control everything, I realized that I shut my intuition out.

The statement “I want to get out of my own way” was my catalyst to take a deep dive internally.  Life is funny. I tried so hard to not let my past impact me because I never wanted to be the victim. I didn’t realize that my perspective of my past had such a huge impact on my life decisions. I learned to let go of my need for control & I gave into my fear. Check out this post to overcome fear now. I was dedicated to change my “story” of my past. I never felt so vulnerable and powerful at the same time. It was life changing. Here are the 3 things I did to get out of my own way.

1. Uncover Your Intuition.

In another seminar, I asked a question to the facilitator. “I don’t hear my inner voice.” He responded, “You need to quiet the mind”. This seemed impossible to me! For as long as I could remember, I was a mind racer with a million thoughts running through my head. It made it hard to focus during the day and at night was worse. But, I trusted Mel and took his answer to heart. When I taught myself to quiet the mind, I could hear my inner voice. Check out this post on how I uncovered my intuition.


2. Boost the Confidence Factor.

Confidence is key. Once we have the answer, we need to be bold and have the confidence to take action. Confidence & action is key to getting out of your head. For tips on boosting your confidence, check out this previous post.


3. Give It Up to Gratitude.

Although gratitude is currently on trend, it is here to stay. So many of people, especially us A-type personalities, tend to think about the future. I thought I was being proactive because I was on top of things. Now that I practice gratitude and have systems in place, I can be present because I know I have the future covered. Here’s the gratitude log I use.

Daily Gratitude Log

When I adopted the above 3 strategies, I hit my sweet spot. Things came into place. I manifested my soulmate as a divorced Mom. We have our dream home in Los Angeles. Most importantly, we have 2 beautiful daughters that teach me life lessons all the time. I left Corporate America to pursue my passion to help others create a purposeful life they fully love.

You can have it all! I am living proof.

I love my life and wouldn’t trade with with anyone in the universe! Isn’t that how life is supposed to be? I can help you do the same.

Book a complimentary discovery session with me now! I only have a few spots per month, so if you are serious about creating a purposeful, passionate life you would not trade with anyone in the planet, contact me today.

Sending you tons of Love & oodles of Light!

– Xx


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